More than just Networking – Digital Leaders Spring Banquet

DLUKNetworking is an essential element of running an agency, it’s a great way to meet potential clients find out how other competitor companies are faring and learn a lot from others.

It can however be rather daunting when you first walk into a crowded room where everyone else seems to know someone except for you. You eagerly scan the room for a friendly face, desperate not to be seen standing all by yourself and failing to spot one, you head to the bar and eagerly grab that first glass of wine.

Slightly more confident with a drink in hand you start loitering around groups of people hoping for the opportunity to introduce yourself, feeling ever more down and nervous. You’ve been at a networking event for almost 8 minutes by now and you haven’t met anyone and are starting to wish you hadn’t gone, the tone is set for the rest of the evening.

The Digital Leaders Banquets are rarely like this, they are a series of events hosted by Digital Doughnut and the attendees apply to be selected to attend the event which raises the whole calibre of the event.

I watched time and again as new people walked into the room and circles where opened up to allow them to join in and introductions made. Friends are made within minutes as the place has the feeling of a select club where camaraderie abounds.

Business is the main topic of conversation and while sales pitches are not the order of the day, deals are done, connections made and recommendations flow.

The venues are amazing, often in old Guild halls that are steeped in history, the Spring Banquet was held at the ClothWorkers Hall that has over 500 Years of history and long traditions of charity, fellowship and hospitality. Divine food, atmosphere, service and ambiance all contribute to your overall feeling of satisfaction.

Guests are moved up a few seats after each course to encourage further socialising, allowing you to meet as many people as possible during your time there. Following the meal there is a post banquet reception and an after party is usually arranged at a nearby venue to continue the conversation.
No speeches, no sales pitches, just talk, eat drink, be merry.

Interested? Apply to attend here: