Games and Gamification Survey Results 2017

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Games and Gamification Survey

Can a game be more than a game?

At the end of 2016, we were pitching a games project with a client of ours. The interest was there and the client was also thinking of using the same concept but converted to be used as an internal employee engagement tool, gamification in other words.

Our client needed management buy-in and begun compiling various stats and survey results which they found online. Many of these figures differed slightly from one to another as US vs UK games survey data differed and comparing data from a survey in 2013 to one completed in 2015 differed yet again. We were also unsure of who the survey respondents were and if they were relevant to our situation so we decided to create our own survey.

Our target audience were middle to upper management or skilled professionals across a variety of industries and we aimed for an even male to female split. Essentially we were looking for experienced and knowledgeable people whose opinion we valued and trusted and for this, we would like to say a big thank you to all of our respondents.

So can a game be more than a game? Can it be used to engage, create trust and affinity, to teach and capture data?

Grab your free copy of our Games and Gamification Survey Results below, no registration required.

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