Carlsberg Live Nation Event Website

Carlsberg were working with Live Nation as the main drinks provider at the Reading, Wireless and Download festivals. As part of this deal Carlsberg were seeking to create and develop a bespoke branded pre-order event website to allow event festival goers to pre-order drinks and avoid the queues at the festivals.

A competition was to be included to generate additional awareness of the pre-order site.

Not only would this encourage sales but it would allow Carlsberg an indication of the quantities of drinks that would be required at the various festivals.

The UX/UI of the website was kept as straight forward as possible allowing users to either enter the competition or pre-order drinks in the most accessible manner though all had to pass the age gate before entering the site as alcohol promotion was featured on the website.

The competition was included on the site to attract and engage users and create additional awareness of the pre-order facility available on the website. Users could win two tickets to the festival with exclusive stage access and free drinks at the Somersby Manor on each day of the festival.

On the pre-order page, festival goers simply entered their details then selected the festival they were attending before pre-ordering their drinks from a selection of Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export or Somersby. Once submitted festival goers were sent an email confirmation of their pre-order which they were required to show at a specific bar at the event which would not have the queues present at other bars.

Somersby Apple Cider festival branding formed the larger part of the sites design with the distinctive Carlsberg green being used throughout. Images from previous festivals were used to highlight the fun aspects of the various festivals showing dancing crowds and bands on stage.

Social media aspects were included driving users on after pre-ordering to Carlsberg’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram sites.

A series of banners were created to sit on the Live Nation and Ticketmaster websites to assist with driving traffic to the pre-order website.

The website achieved a very high response with the banners driving users to the website and the simple easy to follow design allowed users to enter the competition and pre-order in a quick and intuitive manner.

Upon the initial launch the event website exceed the number of expected users with over 5000 concurrent users attempting to access the site at once. Overall the Carlsberg event website pre-sold thousands of cans of lager and cider, had well over a thousand competition entries and many more site views.

Pre-orders were then sent on to the festivals allowing ensuring festival goers quick hassle free access to their Carlsberg and Somersby cans assuring them an excellent time at the festival.

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