Website Development

The Brief
Crank is a service that assists Ecommerce business owners in understanding where they should focus budget, time and resource through an understanding of an assumed monetary value if an identified task was to uplift to a recommended level.

In other words Crank analyses Ecommerce businesses to the nth degree and provides them with a “To Do List” in order of priority that will increase their revenue, profit margins and improve their businesses.

Crank tasked creative website developers, Naked Penguin Boy, with the creation of a “To Do List Poster” that would highlight the important aspects of their research to the client and with the creation of their website to showcase who they are and what they have done for whom.

Initially we started with the “To Do List Poster” as this was an important visual element of the service. Crank were essentially taking reams of data, crunching it down and formulating it into an easy to assimilate Poster that clients could follow and focus on.

The Poster is in a template format so that it can be easily adjusted for each client who has a unique set of concerns and issues that require a bespoke To Do List.

For the web build we selected the WordPress CMS as our website content management system of choice, it’s easy to develop for and easy for administrators to learn and update, it also benefits our clients as they are not tied into a complex bespoke system.

Working from Cranks Brand Guidelines and bringing in elements of the Poster we designed and built the website, ensuring that it was a responsive website and worked across all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile.

The design also ensured that the site was flexible and could easily be expanded on at a later stage without having to start again from scratch allowing Crank to grow their site over time as their service expands.

A fully customisable website that will work with Crank and grow over time. Crank has full access to the site and can continually work on their blog, providing insightful information and working on the SEO.
A website that is an active marketing tool and a destination for clients and potential clients in the industry seeking information and assistance.

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