Hours of deep-fried fun!

In the narrow streets of London’s Chinatown, lies a small restaurant inhabited by an unstable knife wielding Chef. Escape the Evil Chef and bounce Dunky through a world filled with hot lava, deadly buzzsaws…

Put your skill to the test by guiding our hero out of trouble and helping him to collect enough coins to unlock new levels. You will need to strategically plan for Dunky to escape a whole host of evils, ranging from boiling hot lava, deadly buzzsaws to Dough Ball eating pepper corns without mentioning the dragons that are laying in wait.

Dunky Dough Ball is FREE to download and install and is extremely addictive multi-level platform, interactive Strategy game. Using intuitive tap controls to nudge gameplay, you need to avoid obstacles and collect coins to explore new levels.

This game will truly ‘Wok Your World!’

Tips & Tricks

  • You can tap anywhere on the left half of the screen to move left & tap anywhere on the right half of the screen to move right.
  • Stay focused, this is all about strategy & skill.
  • Keep an eye on the evil pepper corns, some of them you can jump over & some you can duck under.
  • If you’re at a critical point in the game & the pressure is too much, hit the pause button for a quick break.

“Dunky Dough Ball is both fun and challenging with easy controls, colorful graphics, and an amusing concept.”


“a great puzzle and strategy windows phone game”

– www.windowsphonereview.com

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