HTML5 Branded Game

Nestle’s Purina brand Felix were seeking an engaging HTML5 Branded Game to assist with the launch of their new product Kibble Crunchy & Soft. The branded game would be localised and marketed by various territories across Europe on Desktop and Mobile devices. me.jpmh, Nestle’s digital agency contacted us to assist them with the development of the HTML5 game.

In order to highlight the product itself we decided to focus on the delicious, unique combination of the crunchy and soft pieces of kibbles. Our HTML5 Branded Game of choice was a match 3 game where users would match 3 or more pieces of Kibbles to score points with each match creating a crunching or “soft” sound. Matching the Felix cat produced a Miaow and additional bonus points.

On Desktops users would draw lines through the matching squares by dragging their mouse and on mobile and tablet devices users would swipe with their fingers to draw the lines.

The HTML5 Branded Game was time based with users being challenged to gain as many points as possible before the time ran out and should they achieve a sufficient number of points they would be eligible to claim a free sample of Kibble Crunch & Soft.

At the end of the HTML5 Branded Game users would then be passed to a registration form where they could enter their details to claim a free sample of Felix Kibbles.

A game that engaged cat lovers and owners across Europe and introduced a new product Felix Crunchy & Soft in a fun and enjoyable manner that immediately created an affinity with the brand. A good use of a game to attract consumers and gain valuable user data while promoting your product.

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