Online Playground For Kids

Bazooka Candy Brands were looking to enhance their digital presence around key product lines, MegaMouth a candy spray had already showed potential but required stronger branding and more of  a digital presence to encourage both users and distributors of its value, taste and sales potential.

Bazooka Candy Brands were targeting 8-12 year old girls and boys across the UK and Japan their two biggest markets. They also needed to show distributors the marketing effort that was going into the brand in order to encourage them to promote it to their retailers even further.

The Work
We created a MegaMouth Kids Portal for Bazooka that would allow them to continue marketing the brand for years to come. The website contained animated illustrations of cool street scenes that led users deeper into the site to play games or to enter competitions to win some amazing prizes.

Games were promoted and seeded out to drive traffic back to the website where users could then play games to collect rewards that unlocked premium games and gave entrance to competitions.

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