HTML5 Mobile Game

Morrison’s sponsorship of ITV’s Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway continued into 2015 and once again we were tasked with creating a fun and engaging game that leveraged the sponsorship and aligned with the ITV idents around the Match vs More concept.

Morrison’s were looking to promote their products fresh-ness and to blend their food produce along with Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway in a unique example of supermarket digital marketing.

ITV were looking for a HTML5 game that could be pulled into the Saturday Night Takeaway Mobile App that they were busy building.

Morrison’s opted for a classic matching game as this fitted in well with the Match & More concept as well as the game play being intuitive allowing the audience to pick up and play during ad breaks.

Though the game play was straight forward the build was not. ITV expected thousands of concurrent players to be jumping on the game during the show and a robust server arrangement was needed to cope with the high surges of traffic. The code had to be extremely optimised and the game needed to sit within another app so the smaller and more efficiently it ran the better.

On the first Saturday the game hit over 20 000 users during the show and overall generated 126 000 page views with an average session duration of 2 minutes and 56 seconds (about an ad break ;-))

The HTML5 Mobile Game achieved all of Morrison’s objectives of engaging the audience as shown by the session duration and reaching the high numbers of users as it continued to gain further users during the week with peaks coming through each Saturday Night. The servers coped comfortably with the high loads and Morrison’s digital marketing campaign was successfully delivered.

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