TRW Social Media Dashboard

TRW Aftermarket is a leader in the world for Original Manufacturer [OE] quality automotive safety products including braking systems, steering and suspension parts. As part of a marketing overhaul TRW were looking to see how they were perceived in social media against their competitors and how this could be improved upon in order to increase sales.
TRW brought in the talented folk at Actionable Insight to analyse and develop their digital strategy and Naked Penguin Boy to design and implement a social media dashboard to assist them with their long term social media marketing.

We designed and developed an international social media marketing dashboard in order to pull in the various social media and SEO third party resources that TRW were using. The aim of the social media dashboard was to bring numerous sources of complicated data into one easily accessible dashboard overview that simplified this information in a graphical format and provided different levels of access and data to the various users from the CEO to the country specific digital marketers.

The social media dashboard’s design simulated a Jaguar’s car dashboard pulling information in and displaying it as an easily viewable information source from where TRW could quickly gain an overview on their current situation and from there dig deeper for more details.

The technical aspects of the dashboard were complex pulling in over six different streams of data by accessing third party API’s, then combining this data in complex algorithms in order to gain meaningful results. Then doing similar for all of TRW’s competitors and running comparisons in the data to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each and presenting TRW with the right information to enable them to adjust their website and marketing campaigns.

This is a long term project that enables TRW to continually improve and update their campaigns and websites globally. Within the first few weeks adjustments had already been made which improved the scoring and helped TRW gain an edge on their competitors.
The data gathered and analysed game TRW a much more comprehensive view of their social media capabilities allowing them to compare their website efficiency verse the industry average and extrapolate this throughout their marketing campaigns.

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