Vodafone Mission Digital

Vodafone is one of the largest telcos in the world, with over 400 million connections and customers across 26 countries. In order to provide a better service to their customers, Vodafone (Germany) needed to up-skill all of their employees in order to make them “more digital”
Vodafone brought in Vorn Consulting and Naked Penguin Boy to help them realise this ambition in an efficient and engaging manner.

Working closely with the Vodafone Germany team, we focused on creating a Gamification platform that would entice users to learn through a fun and engaging manner. The idea was to make learning fun and not to force employees to take courses.

We developed a platform where users would complete various missions of diverse difficulties and be rewarded for the successful completion of each mission in experience points or currency. Successfully completing missions allowed employees to reach higher levels, move up the leaderboard and earn badges, actively demonstrating their increasing knowledge.

The currency could then be used to purchase various rewards from free coffee to online store vouchers.

The success of the platform encouraged Vodafone to expand it within the company, creating specific dashboards for particular types of employees that were on leadership courses for example. This way the missions could be specifically tailored towards those individuals and the skills they required in order to advance their own careers.

On the initial launch of the campaign, employees were registering in the hundreds each day and the speed of which missions were completed exceeded all expectations and our initial estimates.

It turned into a race between employees and the platform admin to see if they could keep up with deploying new missions before users completed them all. Rewards had to be continually updated to accommodate the enthusiastic employees and eventually we had over 4 000 employees registered on the platform.

The platform went on to win 3 Gold Medals for Vodafone. 

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