Our First Pitch

Our first pitch, our first win and our first campaign – May 2001

Happy 15TH Birthday Naked Penguin Boy!

On the 24th of May 2001 Naked Pednguin Boy was born and christened in Companies House with the auspicious company number 04222877.

We had opened the company on an impulse. Rob Heasley our Creative Director had just come second in the Macromedia World Animation Awards for a game he had created called Cow Fighter while working at the agency Global Beach.

Frustrated with coming second place he started building a game about a Naked Penguin Boy and whenever we met up we would discuss it and the market place in general and eventually realised that there was a bit of a niche in the market for engaging Flash content.

Before we knew it we were in the process of registering the company. We had a two minute discussion on the name, we had been referring to the idea of a company as Naked Penguin Boy as the concept came from the game that Rob was building. Unable to think of anything more “appropriate” or traditional we entered Naked Penguin Boy in the company name field before our form timed out and set ourselves on an unpredictable and unknown path.

Hitting that final submit button to register the company was quite scary, what were we doing, trying to start a digital marketing company focused on games shortly after the Dot Com crash that had devastated stock markets around the world and plunged many countries into a recession which we were still in the middle of.

On the 25th of May we started building our website, creating a brand identity, a logo, a tag line, and copy for the site, a pitch deck and all the hundreds of other things that needed to be done. Just having started this process we heard about a pitch at Universal Studios, we managed to get a meeting and an invitation to pitch for a small, low budget movie about car racing that was probably not going to do very well. We didn’t care it was our first pitch and we went all in with our half created credentials and a good concept to market the movie.

Shock, horror, our first pitch turned into our first win, we were given the task of creating an international marketing toolkit to promote the cinema release of the movie worldwide. We had to create a series of digital tools that could be used by various marketing teams around the world to help promote the movie in each local territory. We worked hard to achieve the crazy deadlines (the movie was released on the 22nd June 2001) and created a series of banners, games, microsites, wallpapers, etc. that were all localised in the various languages.

We delivered on time and on budget and were proud to see all of our content popping up all over the internet when the movie opened in cinemas.

The car racing movie was The Fast and the Furious which went on to become Universals biggest franchise of all times was followed by six sequels and two short films, many of which we also worked on.