Run The Joint

Behind the walls of our very own Shawshank, lies a tale of injustice. Our inmates need you to help them defy the odds and make their great escape to freedom, before it’s too late.

Run The Joint is the most addictive double character runner game on the App Store today. With intuitive tap to jump gameplay, coins and special treats along the way you can unlock new characters and explore different levels to see where your route to freedom will lead.

How far can you get before the long arm of the law tightens its grip?

Supported Languages

English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, LatAm Spanish, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese,Polish, Russian, French & Spanish.


  • Intuitive controls, providing a low barrier to entry, anyone can pick up & play – yet it’s still challenging enough for the more experienced gamers.
  • 7 inmates to help escape. (Top Tip – inmates can also be WON in the “pick a lucky crate” mechanic)
  • Multiple routes & collectable ice-lolly’s on every stage.
  • 10 Progressively Challenging Stages.
  • Original music and handcrafted audio for an immersive experience.
  • Beautifully designed, atmospheric 2D artwork with a limited colour pallet all adds to the games charm.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try timing your jumps so that the player and the ball leave the ground at the same spot, not at the same time.
  • To jump further, let your character go off the side of a platform first, then jump while you’re falling.
  • Having trouble with missiles? Try putting in headphones to listen to the sound of them being shot.
  • Win new characters by entering the prize draw.
  • Watch ads to collect more coin.

Game Play Videos

Bloodhounds on your tail

Depending on which path you take, you could activate the hounds.

Helicopters & Wind Updrafts

Jump into the updrafts to help you reach tricky platforms.

Missile Launchers

Listen out for the missiles being launched & the mini skull indicators!
You’ll need lightning fast reactions to dodge these bad boys.


“With a quirky theme, funky sounds effects, and nifty graphics, this new game is a keeper.”

“an excellent running game”

Awesome Environments

Fun Characters To Play With

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